Our range of Milpass profiles and accessories allows you to
to quickly and easily create customised covers and protective casings for your machines, whatever your industrial environment.

Project management for casing

We have 30 years' experience in the design and manufacture of casings for special machines. We can validate your ideas with our in-house design office, or we can come to your workshop to take the dimensions that will be used to produce them. 3D imaging allows you to visualise your project for final validation of your casings before manufacture.

Project engineering for casing

Based on approved drawings, we manufacture and assemble all the casing and protection components for your machines in our workshops. We have our own CNC machining centres and forming, gluing and assembly facilities, enabling us to meet all your requirements to the highest quality.

Reliability of materials

Depending on the constraints of your application, the structures of the casings and protective enclosures can be made of stainless steel, anodised aluminium or painted steel, ensuring maximum robustness and a perfect finish. The same applies to filling materials. The unique nature of certain sites and the physical and chemical constraints that may exist on certain platforms call for specific features: we can advise you on the right choice of materials and their dimensions.

Milpass technology

As the exclusive distributor for France and Northern Europe of the Milpass concept, we offer a wide range of profiles and accessories for casing and structure, so you can build your own protection systems.

CAD files for all the components we distribute are available on demand.

Saves production time

The standard assembly components enable rapid design and efficient production, for implementation in the shortest possible time.

On-site installation

We install the casings, protective enclosures and workstation fittings we have produced on your site. Our specialist fitters have the necessary qualifications and permits to use the equipment (forklift trucks, scissor lifts, telescopic platforms, winches, etc.). All assembly operations are validated by our team leader with your project manager and sanctioned by an end-of-site report.


  • Tailor-made solutions
  • On-site measurement
  • Proven Milpass technology
  • Ergonomics
  • Rapid execution and implementation
  • A team of qualified fitters






When necessary, APC brings together the best skills in the market to solve complex problems. For example, APC teamed up with EUROFLUX, a cleanroom specialist, to solve a product pollution problem in a factory producing paper bags for agrochemical laboratories: APC designed a modular and ergonomic containment enclosure for the entire production line and EUROFLUX integrated a micro-dust extraction and recovery system.



Latest projects

APC shares its latest achievements with you, including casing, compliance, specific machining of various plastics and composites, design, and safe working environments for your teams.


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