Machining to drawing of parts in thermoplastic or thermosetting materials, and aluminium profiles in small and medium series, small or large dimensions.


A wide range of technical materials in stock enables us to carry out most of your machining very quickly: POM, HDPE, PEEK, NYLON, PC, PMMA, PETG, PVC, PTFE, Bakelite fabric, Aluminium, etc.

Machinery for small and large dimensions

  • CNC lathe, milling machine and saw

  • 4-axis machining centre for plastic and aluminium bars and profiles up to 6 m in length

  • CNC router 2 m x 4 m

Folding, gluing and forming thermoplastic panels

  • Hot forming for formats up to 5 m².

  • Double-sided digitally-controlled radiant heating bench for plates up to 30 mm thick

  • Bonding of PMMA, PETG, Polycarbonate and PVC Glass

Reverse engineering of technical parts

Equipped with a 3D scanner, our design office can produce CAD models of parts for which you do not (or no longer!) have drawings.


  • Reactivity

  • Knowledge of technical materials

  • Machining large parts

  • Reverse engineering




The disgorging operation is a very sensitive phase in the preparation of champagne. In full operation, two key parts of the automatic disgorger used by this renowned company broke. As he had neither the plans nor the technical specifications, the cellar master turned to APC, which :

- Identifies the material

- Produces CAD drawings of the parts

- Manufactures new parts

With maximum responsiveness, the disgorging campaign did not have to suffer from this incident.


For machining and milling aluminium and plastic profiles up to 6 m long.

To make our casings, we have an exclusive range of aluminium and stainless steel profiles from Milpass. Cutting, bending, drilling, etc. all require extreme precision, so in 2021 APC invested in an ELUMATEC 122/70 machining centre, which allows us to automate the production of the various components with flexibility and responsiveness.



Latest projects

APC shares its latest achievements with you, including casing, compliance, specific machining of various plastics and composites, design, and safe working environments for your teams.


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