The major challenge of casing is to guarantee the physical safety of operators and maintenance staff when the machines are in operation.


APC has chosen the INRS (Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité) safety standard, which is the European authority on the protection of individuals in the working environment. Our in-depth knowledge of this standard and its development ensures that you can implement the solutions best suited to your specific needs.

Taking account of your teams' working methods

Each team working on a production line or workstation has its own rules for intervention and action on machines, within the framework defined by the company. Our technicians are therefore fully aware of the need to take into account all possible situations before finalising a protection concept.

Post-installation validation

Once the casings have been installed on your equipment, we work with you to check that your operators and safety training teams are familiar with them. If necessary, we can help you make any necessary adjustments, both to the casings and to the operating procedures.


  • INRS standard
  • Consideration of all use cases
  • Intelligible solutions
  • Focus on use value for the operator
  • Support towards a certification process




Latest projects

APC shares its latest achievements with you, including casing, compliance, specific machining of various plastics and composites, design, and safe working environments for your teams.


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