The COVID 19 crisis revealed the risk of contagion in public areas. APC was not content to simply create "Covid screens", but sought to preserve the conviviality of these spaces. As a result, APC has been chosen to deploy aesthetic protection solutions in medical areas, car dealerships, business centers, etc.

Combining protection and aesthetics

APC has been selected by GARDEN LINK, an office greening company, to design and produce green protective screens. APC's solutions have been deployed in a large number of head offices, bringing comfort and well-being to visitors and employees alike.

Protection and liability

APC's aim is to support and assist its customers' CSR efforts. This is particularly important in areas open to the public and designed to enhance the company's image. APC therefore makes extensive use of recycled and recyclable plastic materials, both transparent and colored.


  • Innovative design
  • Choice of recycled and recyclable materials
  • Supporting our customers' eco-responsible approach





Latest projects

APC shares its latest achievements with you, including casing, compliance, specific machining of various plastics and composites, design, and safe working environments for your teams.


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